Saturday, November 22, 2008

See How He Is?

Since DJ is a little snooper, he now knows about his socks! I am a little miffed because they were supposed to be his big surprise! :( Oh, well.

Last night I watched Elf while knitting away and drinking some hot chocolate. Then today I watched it again while knitting. I just LOVE that movie! For some reason I never tire of it! I can even watch it twice in a row, which I have done, and not be tired of it! It's my favorite. ^_^

I hope to finish the first Thuja sock by tomorrow. Then I need to get moving on finishing the mates for all of these lonely socks!


katomliz said...


Ibunnysavetroy said...

ahh, elf and hot chocolate. (oh and knitting too) that sounds lovely.

(and by the way, that was a floormate in that picture of my sweater - she just happens to be the right size, I'm about 2 inches too big for it!)

I'm sorry your socks got outted!