Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day!

It is my opinion that every single citizen of age in the United States has the duty to vote. I hope you did. I am also of the opinion that if you forfeit your right vote, you forfeit the right to complain when things aren't going the way you think they should! That's just about as political as I get. I don't enjoy debating with others about my political views, even though I do have an opinion. It's just not my style. I understand why some folks do enjoy it, and I will listen if someone wants to share their opinion with me, but I feel that I have my views and you have yours. Everyone has their own background and their own reasons as to why they choose to vote the way they do and as long as you vote, I say good for you!

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Brena said...

I agree... last night we were watching the election results with some friends and one of our groomsmen's friends started freaking out because Obama is a socialist and how people who voted for him are idiots and don't deserve the right to vote! What a crazy!!!! I gave Michael the eyebrow, which meant get her out of here! If McCain would've won last night that would've been ok with me. I prefer it this way but just because someone has different opinions then mine doesn't mean they're evil or not deserving of basic rights!