Saturday, November 8, 2008

Epic Fail!

So I missed two days... :\ Oh, well. I will still try to post for the rest of the month... If that's okay with you guys. ^_^

I am currently trying to teach my sister to knit in the round.

She is doing well so far, I think!

I haven't gotten any chance to work on my sock today because I babysat my cousins again. They definitely require all my attention so there could be no knitting happening while I am there! I am to babysit again tomorrow, so I think it will take a few more days to finish that sock. It's okay with me, though. So far I am pretty on schedule with my gift knitting. By saying that I probably have drawn myself into the knitting gods' attention. Now I will not finish at all. Haha!

I have two new yarny purchases to share, but I need some good light for photos. The colors are just too pretty to show in rainy day light. So stay tuned! ^_^

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