Monday, November 10, 2008

General Ramblings

Today we went to Red Lobster for DJ's grandfather's and twin uncles' birthdays. It just made me think of life, I guess. I always thought it was taking forever to grow up, but now that I am going to be 19 (not that old, I know) and I am done with high school and in college it seems like the years have gone by really fast.

That makes me think of when I learned to knit. I joined a knitting club at school when I was in tenth grade (about three years ago... Wowzers!) and learned from the girl who had been my best friend since knidergarten. We were in every single class together until fifth grade. After that we rarely ever saw each other until high school so, naturally, we drifted apart. In joining the knitting club and her teaching me to knit we grew closer again.

I learned that my French teacher knit and crocheted. She also, like me, enjoys reading. (Which reminds me that I think I still have a book I borrowed from her...) I really enjoyed chatting with her after school and before flag practice or play/musical rehearsals. I even still go and chat with her when I pick my sister up from school. I think she does read this blog sometimes, so hello just in case you are! I promise I will check and see if I still have your book and I will return it if I do! ^_^

I know there are a lot of stories like mine, but I was wondering if any of you have one. Have you been brought closer to someone through knitting? Or maybe have you met new people? I know I have made a lot of friends on the internet, but as I don't really knit with a group or anything like that I don't really know a lot of knitters in real life. I do, however, love to meet new people and make new friends so I have been searching for a group of gals to knit with.

Here's to knitters drifting together on the sea of life!


Shea said...

Ack! You think it goes by fast now, just wait til you get my age. The years freakin' fly by!

Alas, I can't say that I've grown any closer to people through knitting. I only know a handful of people in real life that knit.

But over the internet, I feel like I've got quite a few new knitting friends thanks to our blogs. And guess what? I'm countin' you as one of them. :)

Brena said...

If I hadn't learned to knit I wouldn't have met Michael! We were introduced through a friend who I met at a knitting group. I also was roommates once with a friend whom I met through another knitting group friend. I've been in a knitting friend's wedding, been a personal reference on a knitting friends resume, and gone to church with a knitting friend!

katomliz said...

You are so mature for your age. wow!!!At your age I was always waiting for the next stage of life like college graduation, marriage , babies ,jobs etc..
Now in my 50's it is scary that life has flown by and my babies are grown. No next stage to look forward to but instead living each day to it's fullest....
Knitting helped me meet a great bunch of friends in real life. I moved to this community 4 years ago and had no friends here . I joined a kntting class in a shop right by my house. My knitting buddies travel to knitting events and meet every week to knit. They convinced me to learn how to spin and even join a spinning guild.
I had just retired from teaching 33 years. . My daughter said to me the other day what would you have done with all that time without your knitting? Like you I read a lot but knitting has become part of my life!
The internet is great in making knitting friends of all ages and places . I have learned so much and look forward to reading blogs like yours.