Sunday, May 25, 2008

A Day of Sitting

BABY sitting, that is to say. I baby-sat my three young cousins, with the help of my aunt (not their mother, of course). They are certainly a handfull, that's for sure. I love them very much, though!

The weather was lovely, so off to the park we went for a picnic dinner and some play time! There was running, jumping, kite flying, swinging, etc... And eventually napping, thank goodness! ^_^

Here are some of my favorite photos from today:

The other day I cast on for the Ribbed Lace Bolero. I have been wanting to make this for a while, but when I saw The Knitting Goddess's I was inspired to start mine.

Have a fabulous long weekend! I will be marching in THREE parades with my band!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

End of the year blues...

Last night was our band banquet and tonight is our choir banquet. I purchased photo frames with those large matts for all of the seniors to sign. I also put a photo of all of the seniors with each respective director. One for the band director and one for the choir director. When I presented the band director with his he got a little choked up. I know our choir director will cry.

Graduating is sad... And expensive. Caps and gowns, parties, school fees, medals and stoles and pins and ropes... Gee wiz. And then comes college.

I am knitting dishcloths like crazy. My grandmother loves them and I want to replace all of her raggedy worn out plain store bought ones. I am also working on another Isabeau Purse for myself. Knit Picks Shine Sport in Crocus. Yuuummmmy!

Off to the choir banquet. Hope to check in again soon!

Sunday, May 18, 2008


It's over! WOW! The show went really well, I think. Especially the last performance. I am really happy. And I think I finally have gotten over my stage fright! I am very proud of myself! Maybe... I can post a sound clip of one of my solos on here some time this week! It's just a passing thought, but I will have to see what DJ (my computer nerd... lol) can do. This is, as of right now, the only photo I have. I am hoping my fellow cast will share. This is me and my friend Noah.

George and Shulie

I have free time agian! That means I can knit. With the musical and finals for my college classes and the year end stuff for my high school classes I have had less than no free time.

I have TWO WEEKS left of my senior year in High School. TWO!! I just feel strange knowing that I have been in this school district with the same people for thirteen years and now I have two short weeks left! I will be going to the Community College for two years, though, so I will still be around. Then I am going to transfer to Ashland University. I want to be an elementary school teacher. ^_^

Friday, May 16, 2008

Where this is the schoolhouse...

And you're rockin' it!!

The musical is tonight and tomorrow! EEK! Wish me luck!!


Sunday, May 4, 2008

Log Cabin

I have decided to try out the log cabin technique in a blanket! I am knitting it for my boyfriend's mother for Christmas. I am using her favorite colors, blue and purple. I haven't really made significant progress yet, but when I do I will show you!

I have also decided to try out selling handmade cards on Etsy. I love making cards and I have so many supplies, so I thought I might test it out. Here are the first five I have listed:

If you are interested in purchasing any, CLICK HERE!

I will (hopefully) be adding some regularly, so keep checking my store if you like my style!

/end shameless advertisement plug


Have a fabulous day!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

What? A post?


Alrighty. SO... Prom was last Saturday. It was a blast! I had a fabulous time with all of my friends. We just danced and ate. The food was actually pretty tastey. I had "Baked Breast of Chicken" as well as some sides and, of course, desert. That was a variety of cookies and other finger-y food type yummies. Hehe. I am very dissappointed that I have to tell you this... But I didn't finish my shawl in time. :( I am about half way through as of right now. I guess trying to get my first lace project done in just a couple of weeks just wasn't such a great idea. I am still going to finish it because the yarn is beautiful, and I think it will be fabulous to wear on cool summer nights!

What am I working on now?? Okay... I currently have on the needles a beret for myself. I know it's not exactly "hat season", but the yarn that my Secret Pal sent in my last package just called to me. I really wanted to use it, and I really wanted to knit this pattern. It's The Not Too-Too Beret by Wendy Bernard (Knit and Tonic).

The colors are really much richer in person. This flourescent library light doesn't do them justice!

The musical is about two weeks away now. I am pretty excited. I hope it goes well!!

Happy May Day!