Friday, July 25, 2008

Hey, Teach!

How cute is this? I have to make it! ^_^

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Monkey Socks? Hello??

I know, I know. I promised photos of my finished No Purl Monkey Socks last week. I apologize. DJ and I decided to go camping this weekend so I didn't exactly have access to a computer.

So now, without further yapping...

Pattern: No Purl Monkeys
Yarn: Fibranatura Yummy
Needle Size: US 2
Notes: I did four repeats on the leg rather than six. I did that for two reasons... First, I don't like my socks to be really high. Second, I didn't think I would have enough yarn. In the end, though, I would have had plenty. Anyways, I absolutely love this pattern! So much, in fact, that I am knitting another pair. Mmhmm. Out of my Cherry Tree Hill. I went down to a size 1 because size 2s were just too large for the yarn. I am a few pattern repeats into the leg so far. They are purdy. ^_^

Camping was very relaxing. We went on a few hikes, went to the beach, and rented a canoe! I had never been on a canoe before, so that was kind of fun. We just kind of lounged by the fire in the evenings. Oh! We made s'mores, as well. Yummers! I also might be going camping with my family this weekend, but I think I will get more knitting done this time around. DJ and I were really active during the day and it was much too dark to knit in the evenings.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Flickr Meme...

1. Jolynn, 2. My first strawberries of this season..., 3. Firelands Farm, 4. Purple When Butterfly turned into Flower, 5. GERARD BUTLER, 6.>Iced Tea, 7. Ireland View from the Cashel, 8. 14th August 2007 / Day 226, 9. 1915 - Rules for Teachers, Sacramento, CA, 10. Let's Sing a Song!, 11. Loving LOVE, 12. elvenprincessjo Forest

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You should try it! It's kind of fun to see what photos your answers will turn up!

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1. What is your first name?
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10. What do you love most in life?
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12. Your Flickr name.

Leave a comment if you made one so I can check it out!!

In knitting news... I finished my Monkey Socks!! ^_^ It's pretty dark out and I want to give them a proper photo shoot, so I will wait until tomorrow for that. I am so excited! My first actual PAIR of socks!!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Stitch n Pitch

This was so much fun! It was awesome to see all of the stitchers around us in the stands and see what they were making and wearing! Our seats were pretty good, too! We were very happy with them. ^_^

Here are some photos from the game:

Unlike most of the other stitchers there, I found that I couldn't knit and concentrate on the game too well, so I only got the cuff of a sock done. One woman sitting a row in front of ours finished a pair of baby booties.

I have just one lace repeat left until I am ready to turn the heel on my second No Purl Monkey! These socks will be done before I know it! I am not sure what my next project will be yet. I want to make a grocery bag. And MORE SOCKS! I'm simply smitten with socks! ^_^

Thursday, July 10, 2008

One Little Monkey

On my foot! ^_^

And one left to go! Weee!

Tomorrow I am going to a baseball game! Stitch n Pitch! Cleveland vs. Tampa Bay. I am so excited!!

Go Tribe!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Well... I didn't buy yarn...

I went to French Creek Fiber Arts again today... But I didn't buy yarn. What did I buy? Hmmm...

A drop spindle! I am going to learn how to spin yarn! ^_^ I am pretty excited. I have wanted to learn how to spin for a while, now, but I just don't have the money (or room) to buy a big wheel. I thought a drop spindle would be a good place to start. I will let you know how it works out!

Books and Yarn!

I have been meaning to do this post since last week, but with all of the Independence Day festivities and such I haven't really had time.

You may remember when I talked about a book order from Amazon. Well, I received that on Wednesday. I was just headed out to meet someone for lunch when the package was delivered, so I tossed it in the car and was on my way. I didn't really have time to open it until a few hours later. When I finally did have time to open the box, I wasn't disappointed!

I got:

I have been wanting this book since I first learned how to knit! And now I have it.

I flipped through this book a few times at the book store and was debating on whether or not to get it. I finally decided to when I saw it on Amazon.

Whee! I love reading Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's writing! I read her blog regularly. This is the second book I have gotten of hers.

I have been on a sock yarn rampage lately! I look at sock yarn on the internet when I have nothing else to do. I guess it's not just the yarn... It's socks. I have been bitten by the bug! I look at patterns, too! I have also been on a Harry Potter kick again, too. So... What better way to feed my craving for both than...


This is hand-dyed yarn from Cosmic Fibers. It's called Nearly Headless Nick or Bloody Gryffindors! Oh, I love it! I already have a pattern picked out for it!

Spiral Eyelet Socks

I wanted a pattern that would show off the stripes nicely, but also offer a bit more interest than stockinette, both visually and while I knit. I don't know if these will be my next knit or not, but I will be knitting them soon!

I will be taking a trip to the yarn shop tomorrow, so who knows what yarns will be coming home with me... ^_^ I've had my eye on one particular yarn for socks for DJ's sister... I really think she would love it, and I want to get it before it's no longer there for the getting! Hehe.