Sunday, May 25, 2008

A Day of Sitting

BABY sitting, that is to say. I baby-sat my three young cousins, with the help of my aunt (not their mother, of course). They are certainly a handfull, that's for sure. I love them very much, though!

The weather was lovely, so off to the park we went for a picnic dinner and some play time! There was running, jumping, kite flying, swinging, etc... And eventually napping, thank goodness! ^_^

Here are some of my favorite photos from today:

The other day I cast on for the Ribbed Lace Bolero. I have been wanting to make this for a while, but when I saw The Knitting Goddess's I was inspired to start mine.

Have a fabulous long weekend! I will be marching in THREE parades with my band!

1 comment:

Brena said...

I love sitting for kids and Michael loves when I do it too, because it confirms that I don't want to have children for awhile!

I'm glad I was able to inspire you! I wear my bolero all the time, it's so comfy.