Wednesday, May 21, 2008

End of the year blues...

Last night was our band banquet and tonight is our choir banquet. I purchased photo frames with those large matts for all of the seniors to sign. I also put a photo of all of the seniors with each respective director. One for the band director and one for the choir director. When I presented the band director with his he got a little choked up. I know our choir director will cry.

Graduating is sad... And expensive. Caps and gowns, parties, school fees, medals and stoles and pins and ropes... Gee wiz. And then comes college.

I am knitting dishcloths like crazy. My grandmother loves them and I want to replace all of her raggedy worn out plain store bought ones. I am also working on another Isabeau Purse for myself. Knit Picks Shine Sport in Crocus. Yuuummmmy!

Off to the choir banquet. Hope to check in again soon!


Merenwen said...

My black belt testing cost a good chunk of money too, 'cause we had a presentation thingy. Which was irritating. But anyways, congratulations!

Anonymous said...

That's really cool, what you did for the directors!! Graduation is expensive. It's kind of sad...but exciting at the same time.