Monday, November 17, 2008


Driving was fun today! Not. Lol! I feel partially grumbly about the snow, but also partially happy. As soon as it starts to snow, I begin to feel like a hermit and all I want to do is sit at home curled up under a blanket and watch movies and knit or read. It's just so much more cozy than braving the winter storms!

I started and finished another twisted drop stitch scarf today. I love this one because it looks so frothy and pink! ^_^

I started a project for DJ today. I think he will like them! I have a few other ideas for him as well, but I am not certain as to exactly what patterns I will be using.


katomliz said...

Your snow looks so pretty but can relate to that hermit thing. We had snow overnight to cover ground but does not look like much.
I am working as hard as I can on Christmas projects but get so terrrible distracted with new projects.

Shea said...

That is beautiful! We only get maybe one snow "storm" a year and then it's only about two inches. So for us, thanks to everything shutting down when it happens, it's a real treat.