Sunday, November 2, 2008

Haunted Houses!

Last night DJ and I decided to check out a few haunted houses. I do not like them. Haha! I mean, I suppose they are fun, but I get scared. Alright... Its fun. If I didn't get scared I guess there would be no point.

I am going to attempt to participate in National Blog Posting Month, or NaBloPoMo for short. I think it will be a fun challenge to post every day. I always think of things to say, but never get around to blogging them. If I blog every day I will be more likely to remember what I wanted to say... Hopefully.

Anyways... Other than that I guess I have nothing else to say today... See how I am? I'm not ready for the week to begin! ^_^

ETA: Oh! Do any of you have or know anyone who has any Socks That Rock in the Dixie Chick colorway that they are willing to sell?? I have been lusting after it since last Christmas... And now that I have the money to buy it seems there is none to be found! :( Please let me know!


Brena said...

Yay NaBloPoMo!!!!

katomliz said...

sorry dont have that yarn or would give it up.I am too busy with baby stuff to do any socks . I heard there were long, long lines to get that yarn at Rhinebeck.
How is college going?