Thursday, November 13, 2008

Getting Ready for the Holidays!

I went to Pat Catan's craft store today just to pick up a couple of balls of yarn for a quickie scarf for my aunt for Christmas.

While walking down the aisle with the dishcloth yarn, I saw some tapestry needles and remembered that I lost another one... So I grabbed some of those. (About the dishcloth yarn... I am kind of obsessed. I love to make dishcloths for my grandmother because they make her happy, and there are so MANY pretty colors... I didn't buy any tonight, though.)

I did, however, wander through the seasonal aisle and saw some cute ideas for a crafty project to do with the boys. The little ornaments are for the boys to paint and give to their Mommy for Christmas. The big one is for me to decorate for a different aunt who just adores snowmen.

When I finally neared the checkout I spotted a basket with stamps for only 50 cents. I dug through and found this one. I thought it would be cute to use for my Christmas cards this year.

My goal this year is to give everyone a hand made gift. Not necessarily knit, but hand made. I have a ton of ideas for everyone, which is why I began during the summer!

P.S. I have dilligently begun the second Monkey sock. Haha! ^_^

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Brena said...

The ornaments and sign are a great idea! I may pick some up for our house.

I'm addicted to dishcloth yarn as well. Maybe we should start a support group.