Monday, March 24, 2008

Prom Dress!!

I went prom dress shopping today... And I actually found something! I am so happy. I love this dress! I went to David's Bridal and seriously EVERY store at the mall that sells formal dresses. I usually get dresses secondhand, but I wanted something really special for my senior prom.

Here it is!

^__________^ <--Really big smiley! Hehe.

Now, I want to knit a shawl or shrug to wear with it, just in case it's chilly. Nothing too bulky. I am thinking silvery shimmery... And kind of easy. You all know my skills. Hehe. Any ideas?!?!

I appreciate any help!

Once more... Yay!!! Hehe!

ETA: Please excuse the Christmas stockings... DJ's family wanted to leave them up all year round... Don't know why. LOL.


KnitaSaur said...

That's stunning! I love the color!

Christina said...

Yes, very pretty dress indeed and the colour really suits you.
Are you on Ravelry doll? you could have a look in the pattern section for some ideas for the shrug. If you're not I'll take a look there now and check it out for ya. ;)

Brena said...

Oooohh, that's gorgeous! The color is very very pretty.

abby said...

oh my goodness. that dress is gorgeous!! i woudl reccomend going to
they usually have good choices for anything you are looking for.


Shea said...

You look absolutely beautiful in that dress! Thanks for commenting on my blog - I'm adding you as a daily read for me. Cute site.