Thursday, March 13, 2008

I got a part!

Recently I auditioned for our school's musical, and I got a part! ^_^ I am very happy about it. The musical is School House Rock Live! and I am just super excited!

I am to play Shulie! Here is her description: The sweet side- genuine. An ingenue. Loves math (top line in the score). I have three big solo songs, along with other small parts in other songs. There is a sort of "love scene" with another character. LOL! I have never done a love scene before, so we'll see how that is. Hehe. The first day of practice was a read-through of the whole script and when we got to that part the other actor, who plays George, and I were a little pink in the face. I hope we still are like that come performance time. I think it will add to the performance.

I, very sadly, have not been knitting much at all this week. My schedeule was busy before, but now it's even more packed. I go to high school during the day, then I have musical practice, then I head out to the college for class there. Sometimes after that I head to the middle school to help out with thier musical set. One day this week I was there until 10:30 with DJ and his mother, both of whom also help out with the eighth grade musical. This year they are doing The Little Mermaid. My younger sister is in it, so it's especially cool that I get to help out.

Last year was the first musical we had in a very long time at the high school. It was Little Shop of Horrors. I was in that, too, and it was awesome. I was a member of the "singing trio", for those that are familiar with the story.

The eighth graders put on a musical every year. When I was in eighth grade, we did Cinderella. I was a Troubador in that. Knid of like the singing narrator.

I love to sing. It is just such an important thing for me. I love being involved with all aspects of musicals, like the set and all that, but I really enjoy being on the stage. I am thinking of trying out a vocal coach for this one, though, because I have never had so many solos and I really want to nail them. I think at Oberlin College, which is near to me, students charge $5-$10 an hour.

*Takes a breather* ^_^

Have you ever been involved any musicals or plays? I would love to hear about your experiences, and also any tips that you've learned through your experiences!


Anonymous said...


I have never been in a play because I'm shy and cannot sing at all. But it's really cool that you do that!!! I hope that it goes well!

P.S. I found out about your blog on the ravelry high school knitters group. :)

Kristina B said...

Jolynn: thanks for commenting on my blog!!

I'm going to sound like an old fart, but I find your efforts very impressive. Your knitting is great, as is your writing. The blog world is wonderful, no?

I did participate in a musical quite some time ago, in grade 8 (1982) as Chava in the Fiddler on the Roof. I liked to sing and dance, and so it worked. I can't really give any advice except just forget about any nerves and pretend you're at home in front of the mirror when you're on stage.

(And, if you need glasses to see, taking off your glasses for performing can help as you can't actually see the audience! As part of my work right now, I have to do presentations to 100+ audience - I use that trick and it helps me feel calm. I can see enough so I still see hands raising for questions, etc..)

Kristina B said...

PS - you're from Ohio? Check out my other blog, which is a collaborative effort with Holly Ogre from Michigan about cross border relations (I'm Canadian, in case you didn't pick that up): the 49th Dimension


Anonymous said...

Hey, Jolynn, that's great! congratulations on your part!

I used to do plays and musicals looooong ago, including The Sound of Music, Camelot, 42nd Street, Annie, and Sweeney Todd. I only did a few plays...Jabberwocky and Arsenic and Old Lace. It's lots of fun~ enjoy it!!!

KnitaSaur said...

Oh, I don't think I'm brave enough for the stage! I did some drama stuff in high school--a couple of festivals actually, but shook like a leaf in all of them! I try to be in the pit orchestra in everything I can though. Much safer down there, 'cause if I mess up, at least I'm under the stage not on it :D