Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Look what I made!

Sock blockers! I used the popular Little Sesame Knits tutorial and plastic placemats from the Dollar Store. I made two sets of the Pirates of the Carribbean blockers, one for DJ's momma and one for his sister. I want to have a nice way to present their Christmas socks. I made the Tinkerbell set for myself. ^_^

DJ went to the Apple Store today, which I find to be boring. No offense to anyone who loves the place, I am just not into it... : \ Anyways, while he was there I went to Barnes and Noble. Mmm... Books. ^_^ I bought Knitting Rules! Oh, how I love the Yarn Harlot. I don't care who ya are, she's funny! I don't remember where I heard that the first time, but every time DJ says it I bust up laughing!

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katomliz said...

What a clever way to make sock blockers!!!Thanks for sharing.This is a perfect way to wrap them up and present them...if only I could finish my sock I have been working on all summer.....