Thursday, October 16, 2008

Hey! Swatch it!

I got some new yarn from Knitpicks! Yay! This is the yarn in my first ever swatch. Haha... Probably should have been doing a few more of those. Oh, well. The yarn is Knitpicks Comfy in Planetarium. It's so soft and delicious. But what am I going to make with it? Hey, Teach! Of course. I hope it works out well. ^_^

I am also saving my swatch (along with others I may make...) for a blanket like Ron's of my very own! (That's a Ravelry link.) If you are into Harry Potter, you should check out the swap! Hurry, though, because sign ups end tomorrow!

1 comment:

Brena said...

Hey Teach! is such a cute sweater!!! You'll have to tell us about the Knitpicks Comfy, I've never used it before and I love Knitpicks! Also, Michael knows how to order from them. :)