Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Fall Fun!

I babysat three of my little cousins this past Sunday and we had a lot of fun! DJ and I took them to the pumpkin patch and they each picked out a small-ish pumpkin and a colorful gourd. After that we went out to lunch and then headed back home to carve our pumpkins. I cut out the tops of each of their lil pumpkins and let them scoop out all the insides. We saved some of the seeds for baking and eating later! Then they each told me what they wanted on their pumpkin and then the two of us sat together and talked while I carved and the other two watched a Halloween movie. I think they really enjoyed our special time together. After I finished all of their pumpkins I lit a candle in each one and turned out all the lights. The looks on their precious little faces were just priceless. They were just so excited! It almost made me tear up! ^_^

Here is a photo of the finished pumpkins, although it didn't turn out very well... We have a spider, a mad face, and a happy face.

Oh! Here is the website of my friend Ashley. Check it out!


Brena said...

Very impressive pumpkins! You sit for the cutest kids and you sound like the funnest baby sitter!

Kathy said...

Cousin time is the best. SUch a deep connection to family at an early age lasts. Believe me. :) Love the carved pumkins. GREAT JOB