Monday, September 29, 2008

Progress is slow.

Here is my progress as of this afternoon...

I guess it would be pretty good if I were on the second sock... But nope. This is still the first. Wow. I only say that because I thought these would be quick and easy when I started them a couple of months ago. I think after I finish this first one I will move on to the No Purl Monkeys for DJ's sister, and then come back to the second one. Don't worry! I will finish the pair... Eventually. Before Christmas, in any case. ^_^

I also taught myself how to cable this week! Finally! And you know what, it really isn't that difficult. Silly me, putting it off for so long and for nothing!

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Brena said...

I layer sock knitting like that sometimes. It makes the knitting go by quicker, although probably only in my head.