Monday, June 9, 2008


I just looked outside and it is absolutely POURING! It has been so hot lately. I am glad for the rain.

I have been ignoring the lace bolero for the weeked. I was very frustrated with it. Now I have begun to work on it again. In its place I have been reading... Not that I had much time for that either. You see, my graduation party was on Saturday. (I am kind of working backwards here... Oh well.) That was a lot of fun. We played badminton (I had to look up the spelling. ^_^) and volleyball. It was hot, but we survived. In the afternoon we had family and other adults and a few kids who couldn't come later at the party. Then, at about seven, the "cool people party" started. Those aren't my words. One of the adults coined the phrase.

Here is one photo that my cousin snapped.

From left to right is my cousin T, me, DJ, and my aunt D.

How was your weekend?

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lizzzknits said...

Congrats on your graduation....what now!!!???? By the way, love your knitting avatar! Lace is fun--- it just needs some concentration