Friday, June 27, 2008

FO Friday!

Even if it is late night... It's still Friday! ^_^

The first and (at least to me) most exciting of my FOs... The Ribbed Lace Bolero! Woo Hoo!!

Then we have the lost then found and finished project, Baglove!

I started this in, oh, I don't know... March? I had about an inch left to knit when I took it somewhere with me. I thought I left it there but then the other day I was digging throuh my knitting basket and found the WIP at the bottom... So, I finished it!

And here we have the newest WIP... dah dah dah daaaaaahh... No Purl Monkey Socks!

The yarn is from a previous post, and it is more red than it looks in the above photo. I am pretty excited about these socks. I hope they turn out well. ^_^

Oh, I also wanted to show you my little sheepy! I bought him at my LYS.

For some reason I feel like his name is Bill... I don't know why.

Bill is now the blog mascot. Hehe!


Brena said...

Your lace ribbed bolero is fantastic! I like it even better than mine!

Kathy said...

Dear Bill the blog mascot,

You are so cute. I hae a knit crush on you. If simple knits rubs you, do you bring knit luck?