Monday, June 30, 2008

New Yarny Deliciousness

I had a lovely, rainy, wet, gloomy... Sunday afternoon. Alas, the skies of gray were brightened by a lovely ray of sunshine... The local yarn store!

I had a bit of difficulty finding the shop in the first place. I drove to Avon to find this shop, French Creek Fiber Arts. It definitely wasn't where I thought it was, so I drove back and forth about 25 bagagillion times. Finally, exasperated, I was just looking around and I saw a sign for Old Avon Village. This sign had a few smaller signs connected to the bottom of it. A few mini-signs down I saw "French Creek Fiber Arts". Mind you, this was all in a matter of seconds. I went rrrrrrrrrrrrrttttttt. Tuuuuuurrrrnnnn. Woohoo!

The lady working there was really nice. I feel awful that I don't remember her name... :( She asked questions about me and my knitting experience. She showed me both projects she had with her (a sock and a cardigan). We talked technique and much more. She invited me to the weekly knitting group, which I plan to attend this Friday. She even told me about a Stitch n Pitch event on July 10 that DJ and I decided we will attend! Yay! There was a cute kitty named Bordhi (after Cat, I learned ^_^). He was very sweet. We were able to talk a lot because I was the only person in the shop, I suppose because it was a rainy Sunday.

What did I buy, you ask? Well, I really had to reign myself in because I just placed an order with Amazon for knitting books. I was tempted by lots of yummy Cherry Tree Hill sock yarns. For, of course, I was focused on the sock yarn. (I have definitely jumped on the sock bandwagon...) They have a really wonderful selection. I didn't have my camera with me... I would have taken pictures for you to see!

I ended up bringing home two skeins to add to my stash.

Some gorgeous Cherry Tree Hill! Oh, how I love these colors! This will become a pair of socks for me.

And some Wisdom Yarns in the Boston colorway. This is for DJ's mom. Well, not for her, really, but the socks I knit out of it will be! ^_^

While everyone else seems to be cutting back on stash lately, I am trying to build mine up! Which side of the playground are you on?


queen_margaret_anne said...

as far as the stash goes, i am neither trying to bulk it up nor slim it down, it's kinda in limbo..i have been re-dyeing colors ways i don't like though...i like your blog it's very neat and peaceful, well the layout is...*^_^*

Susan said...

Sock yarn doesn't count as stash, so you're just fine. Mine isn't too big but my queue on Ravelry is getting overwhelming. Love your new yarn!

orata said...

I didn't realize you lived in the Cleveland area--please tell me you checked out Birds of a Feather (the big barn quilting/LYS across the parking lot) while you were at French Creek Fiber Arts? I lived in Cleveland last summer, and I thought that yarn shop was one of the highlights.

Ravlery: Irish Clover said...

Love the Cherry Hill Farms colors! The sock yarn is beautiful, and I agree with Susan, sock yarn doesn't count. :) Your blog mascot is super cute and thanks for visiting my blog.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comment on Lacey! It's coming along really well and I love it tons although the charts are irritating. ahaha..I love strawberries too.

The malabrigo is super soft, but if it helps, I am equally jealous of your cherry tree hill and your nice yarn store experience [I'm not quite in at my lys yet]

And agreed, also trying to build my meager stash up. What you saw on my blog is pretty much all I have!

katomliz said...

I have a stash finally but would like to build it up higher but other expenses now.But like someone said here sock yarn does not count as stash. I have a whole bin of it because it is like buying shoes they always fit with just buying 100 grams. I love reading your blog. You are so creative and write well,Thanksfor the nice commnent on my shawl.

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to knit my stash before I buy more. It's overwhelming and sometimes I don't even know what I have.