Saturday, April 19, 2008

Someone stole it!

My thunder, that is to say... When I first stared River, I worked on it non-stop. Now I find that I don't really feel like working on it. Perhaps this is because I am usually not a monogamous knitter and this has been the only thing I am working on.

Conclusion: I need to start a new project. But what? Let's check out the queue...

*30 minutes later*

I couldn't find anything in my queue that is really calling to me, so I have looked at other patterns. I was intending to make something small... But then I decided I want to knit a blanket. I was hoping to eventually be able to knit one for my boyfriend's mother. I think a pattern that consists of small squares sewn together would be best. That way I will still be able to feel the pleasure of "finishing" the squares. It will keep me motivated. Hopefully, anyways!

Off to find a pattern! ^_^


Anonymous said...

I hate it when that happens...which is fairly often for me.

Yeah, I have another friend who had to wear a certain color dress for graduation. I tried on a white one yesterday at J. Crew that was really cute. But you still have the see through, staining, ect. issues.

Christina said...

See I'm usually monogamous but lately I'm finding more and more things to start. It's a slippery slope I tell ya... *shakes head*
Did you see
babette blanket? you crochet? Some day I'm gonna start that.

katomliz said...

Thank you for the suggestion of the River Stole. I went to get the pattern from Ravelry but it is not linking correctly but they say it is a free pattern>Can you direct me to the righ tpalce looks perfect for a wedding!