Monday, April 14, 2008

NYC is the place for me!

Well... My trip was fabulous! I wouldn't want to live there, not to offend anyone who does! It's just too busy and there are too many people for me to live there. Anyways, I wouldn't want to live there, as I said, but I most definitely loved visiting! I would go back in a heartbeat!

Here is a little photo montage:

These are certainly not all the photos I took. I know there are a lot here, but I really didn't feel that any less would give a good feel for what I did...

I loved pretty much every aspect of the trip, although I have to say my favorite part was Ellis Island. I just felt very... I don't know if I want to say emotional or what... When I first stepped on the island I thought about how many of America's people had been there. When I looked at the Statue of Liberty I was very aware that millions of eyes had held this very same sight. I wish I would have had more time to really look in the museum, but that is definitely one of the things on my "To Do" list for when I go back.

Have any of you been to New York? What were your favorite experiences?


Anonymous said...

That's really cool!! It looks like a lot of fun too!! I've been to NYC before but it was a while ago. I'd love to go again soon. We live pretty close to hopefully sometime soon we'll get down there.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jo!
I am so glad that you had such a wonderful travel experience^0^ :) !!! Absolutely LOVE all of your photos...Can't wait to see the rest! The closest I've ever been to NYC is Niagra Falls NY.
Lots Of LOVE
Lil d

Anonymous said...

I would like to have been there with you! To see all of the sites, especially Ellis Island and the statue of liberty.


Looks like you had a blast!
What a way to spend part of your senior year! Never had that when I was graduating!

love Mom

Kathy said...


thanks for entering my contest at irisheyesknitters.

I get emotional readin about your getting emotional at Ellis Island. My dear irish gram and gramp, and my lesser known to me Hungarian grandparents both came through Ellis. Amazing. Thanks for sharing.

Christina said...

Glad you had a great trip :)
Thank's for your kind words on my blog.
Nope, never been to New York or indeed your country but if I ever do, N. York will be top of my list of places to see.
Just got you message on Ravelry, thank's girlie ;)
Ok, it's way past my bed time here (I blame Rav. :p )so I bid you good night.

Georgiann said...

So glad you got to go to NYC -- I had to wait until I was 47, but it was fabulous, nevertheless. So, what did you think of Wicked?