Thursday, April 10, 2008

Start Spreadin' the News...

I’m leavin’ today…

That’s right, all… I am heading to New York today! I am very excited! My choir will be boarding the bus at about 9 pm and we will be in the city until around that same time Sunday evening.

While we are there we will be seeing two Broadway productions- Wicked (!) and Spamalot, both of which I am very psyched about! We have some free time scheduled in, so I am hoping that we will be near a yarn shop. ^_^

I received another wonderful package from my Secret Pal over on the Knitty boards… She has absolutely SPOILED me! She really had me down to a T! I am very grateful!

Here are the photos, which I finally could go outside and take because the weather was lovely this week!

I am excited to try my hand at dying my own yarn!

I ate about half of each of these already... ^_^ Tastey!!

I am taking this with me to keep notes of things I want to write about.

I have also made some progress on the River Stole:

So… I will make sure to have a very detailed post when I get back on Monday!


P.S. Have a little more eye candy...


Anonymous said...

Very nice package!!!

The stole is really pretty! That yarn looks great! I'm jealous! We don't have any flowers here yet. :(

Anonymous said...

Have fun on your trip...forgot to say that before!