Sunday, April 6, 2008

Here we go

The yarn that the loverly MNKNIT sent me! Thanks again!! ^_^

Today I went through my queue on Ravelry and got rid of some things I didn't think I really was interested in any longer. I also tried to put the list in an order I thought I would be likely to work in... At least the first few items or so... Who really knows what you are going to feel like knitting next anyways, right?

Right now I am working on a paper for my sociology class, and also studying for a test in the same class. The professor always has papers due on the same day as our tests, which I like because writing the papers allows me to go over the info again. It helps me retain everything easier, I think.

Later this evening I hope to cast on River! What do you think of the colors of the yarn with the dress? I think I will like it.


Christina said...

How does it look when you put it up against the dress? that's the test I guess, but it looks nice to me.
Never seen that pattern but it looks very beautiful-very light and airy.
Good luck with it.;)

Anonymous said...

Pretty yarn!! And your dress is really pretty too. I forgot to comment on that earlier.