Saturday, January 17, 2009

FO and New Yarn!

A scarf for me!

I knit a scarf like this last year, I think, in Patons SWS and loved the way it looked. So I bought some pretty pink colored SWS for myself and here is the finished product! I used a larger size needle this time. I can't remeber what size I used last time, but I used a size 10 for this scarf. It made a really nice, soft fabric. I think I am going to make a Calorimetry to go with it to make my FIRST matching set! ^_^

Some lovely, yummy, super gorgeous Malabrigo to make another beret. This one will be for my friend, Alli. She has really pretty red hair, so I think this color will look great on her! There will definitely be a photoshoot! ^_^


Shea said...

Love the colors in your scarf!

Brena said...

Very pretty scarf. It'll look great with a calorimetry! Red hair looks great with almost any color.