Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sail away...

Thought of that when I looked at little Pumpkin's blouse. ^_^

1. L'il Pumpkin blowing kisses. 2. Haircut! 3. SIP 4. Pumpkin again

These mosaics are quite useful. I made one of some of my favorite photos I found on Flickr and some of my own photos. Then I used it as my desktop background tiled over and over. It looks pretty neat, I think.

The Sock in Progress is intended for DJ's mother for Christmas. I have a few repeats left until I start the heel on the first sock. I am using the Fluted Banister Socks pattern. I hope she likes them!!


DJ Lubinski said...

Moms gonna love the sock!!! Looks great. Nice haircut too!!! Lookin' HOT!!!

Brena said...

Oohhh, I like the bangs!!! Very cool.

So I'm not the only one Christmas knitting... hooray! You're brave to make DJ's mom socks. I'm terrified to make Michael's mom anything except for knitted weiner dogs (she's got 4).

rainin9 said...

Oooh interesting. How did you make them into mosaics? (And I really should start thinking about making christmas gifts now :/)