Thursday, March 19, 2009


We have been sewing away on the costumes for this year's musical! I thought I would just show you some of what is happening here in costume land, since I have no knitting to show you...

This is my new best friend! I love this machine. It works so nicely for me. We are definitely going to be working together in the future. I envision skirts for myself and maybe some dresses... We shall see. In any case, you can see I was sewing on fringe for Indian costumes.

Fabrics for the "Forest Spirit" characters.

Various threads

The Algonquin costumes. Pretty much all of these have been made this year. We have never put on this musical before, so it has been a lot of work sewing all the costumes!

The settler costumes. Luckily, most of these had already been made. I think the only new costume here is the first one in the first photo. Of course, adjustments had to be made to make sure they fit the musical, and the actor!

I will try to share photos when we get the costumes on the kids who are actually wearing them. We have decided that this year has been the most work, with hand sewing beads on collars, belts, and head bands being the most time consuming task!

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