Thursday, December 11, 2008

Catching up with life

Oi! Finals are finally over! Now I can get back to life, and this blog!

My birthday was last Thursday, the fourth. I had two tests during the day, but DJ took me out for ice cream later that night. He's such a sweetie! ^_^ Then I had choir practice on Friday and afterwards had my fancy dinner with DJ's fam. We went to a really yummy Italian restaurant. My choir concert was Saturday. It was a lot of fun. We dressed up in Renaissance costumes. This is the only photo I have as of right now.

On Sunday I had my family party. I was babysitting the boys, so they got to come. We went sledding earlier that day and had a blast!

Earlier in the week last week I got a package from my Snack Swap Partner. Boy, did I feel spoiled! ^_^ She sent it in a yogurt box, which I thought was funny and went along with the swap well!

Now that I have time to knit (and breathe) again I have been working on DJ's mom's socks. I still have the second sock from that pair, the second sock from DJ's pair, and two scarves (one already started) to finish before Christmas day. I have more time to finish DJ's sister's socks because she and her husband are spending the holiday with his family in New York.

Whew! I think that's about all I have to catch you up on for now! I feel relieved!

P.S. I am watching Elf again... ^_^


katomliz said...

enjoy a well deserved break from school..Happy Knitting!

Brena said...

Yay Elf! I love your costume for the choir, very cool. And... I love your nails in the chocolate picture!!! You've inspired me to actually paint mine for once!