Friday, January 4, 2008


I have been working on a big research paper for school... Its taken forever to gather all of my info. We turned in all of our research today, but the paper isn't due until sometime in March... or after the teacher grades all of the research. I am just relieved the hard part is DONE!! FIN!! Woo hoo!

So... Anyways... ^_^

I started a new project. It's a scarf that I really like. Diagonal rib in Patons SWS colorway Natural Earth. Its for my Secret Pal, so SHH!!


orata said...

Gorgeous scarf!

KnitaSaur said...

That is so beautiful! Lucky secret pal!

Kiersten said...

That is lovely! I need to put that yarn on the "Purty" list! Does it handle nicely?

Jolynn said...


SWS does handle really nicely. I love it!