Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Yesterday was my eighteenth birthday! Woo hoo! Although I did not purchase cigarettes or lottery tickets, register to vote, open a checking account, or any of that fun stuff, I did have a nice day. I am having a small get together with my family on Sunday, and then on the fourteenth I am having a party with my friends... Nothing crazy. Just Pictionary, Twister, Dance Dance Revolution, Mad Gab... and lots of food! Haha. We are QUITE the rowdy ones, aren't we?

I HAVE been doing some knitting! Here is proof:

I definitely think there is some kind of knit-blog conspiracy... Everyone is complaining of their camera's producing blurry photos, and now I must join! My camera is several years old... But I don't WANT to buy a new one! :(

Anyways... I am working on a few more scarves for my family members. They are fun. One is a Harry Potter type scarf for my cousin, another is just a basic 1x1 rib. More photos soon!!



Georgiann said...

Happy Birthday! That sounds like a great party with your friends -- I just love game night. But maybe I would pass on the Twister -- I haven't played that since college (about 30 years ago!)

Kiersten said...

Happy Birthday!!!

hex said...

Happy belated birthday. :)